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The executive order plenty of executive orders are mundane and a legitimate part of a president's constitutional duty but far too many executive orders today or nothing short of decrees just like a monarch a king would issue I want it to be this way they have the same effect as legislation if the founders had considered executive orders a remote possibility the Constitution would have never been ratified the Constitution does not even it doesn't even mention executive orders every president has issued at least one of them except for William Henry Harrison who died I think he died like thirty days in office so he didn't have a chance to write anything down so they're just accepted now as a normal part of the job but Congress isn't powerless in the face of executive orders they can refuse to fund something from an executive order or passed legislation nullifying its effect but they usually just go along with them yeah let him take care of that less than four percent of executive orders have been modified by Congress many executive orders bypass Congress by being aimed at the regulation agencies that now exist under the executive branch thanks to Franklin Roosevelt that way executive orders now have the force of the law but they're not constitutional executive orders can deal with the mundane as well as major things it's hard to judge our worst presidential overreach on sheer numbers alone however it's not a shock that FDR issued by far the most of any president it is FDR that issued 3721 executive orders over twice as many as the guy in second place come on guess come on I hate that guy eighteen hundred and three for a little perspective our first 15 presidents issued a combined total of 143 next to FDR no other president in our history attempted to reshape so much of American life by decree until we get this guy President Obama he didn't issue three thousand or even 1800 he did 276 executive orders but it was the power of those orders he instituted 560 major regulations classified by the Congressional Budget Office as having significant economic or social impact that's 50% more the regulations then george w bush's presidency and remember everybody thought he was a fascist Obama blamed an obstructionist Congress for forcing him to make rules without going through the legislative process Obama and his supporters see that as heroic but there is nothing constitutional about it in fact gridlock is a part of our system it was designed to be there they wanted people to slow down because they knew people knee-jerk reactions something would happen and they could change the way our country was run so they wanted the Constitution was a speed bump it doesn't even talking about executive orders and it does not equal the Constitution executive orders however are the most efficient way for progressives to implement their agenda remember this is Woodrow Wilson.