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Executive order 12333 PDF Form: What You Should Know

All elements of the United States Government— Executive branch agencies, the intelligence community (IC), and other departments and agencies of the Federal Government—shall comply with the requirements of this order. The provisions of this order govern the requirements and obligations of United States persons, organizations, and entities. (b) Policy. (i) The provisions of this order shall be applied in a manner that is consistent with the authorities granted to the Department of Justice under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978. Notwithstanding any other provision of this order, any United States person or United States entity shall be entitled to the protections set forth in section 102 of that Act. (ii) The provisions of this order shall be implemented using United States Signals Intelligence Services only.

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Instructions and Help about Executive order 12333 PDF

The executive order has become a common tool for presidents to exercise their constitutional duty. However, many of today's executive orders are more like decrees, resembling the actions of a monarch or king. If the founders had anticipated executive orders, they may not have ratified the Constitution, as it does not even mention them. Every president, with the exception of William Henry Harrison, who passed away shortly after taking office, has issued at least one executive order. Congress does have the power to counter executive orders by refusing to fund them or passing legislation to nullify their effects, but they often choose to go along with them. Only a small percentage of executive orders have been modified by Congress. Many executive orders circumvent Congress by targeting regulation agencies under the executive branch, a development initiated by Franklin Roosevelt. As a result, executive orders now carry the weight of law, although they are not inherently constitutional. Executive orders can cover a wide range of topics, both mundane and significant. While it is difficult to judge the degree of presidential overreach based solely on numbers, FDR stands out as the president who issued the most executive orders, with a total of 3721. To put this into perspective, the first 15 presidents combined issued 143 executive orders. Following FDR, no other president attempted to reshape American life through decree until President Obama, who issued 276 executive orders. However, it was the power and impact of these orders that distinguishes Obama's presidency. He implemented 560 major regulations, surpassing George W. Bush's presidency by 50%. Obama blamed an obstructive Congress for his reliance on executive orders, but this disregards the constitutional process. Our system was designed to include gridlock as a means to prevent hasty decision-making and allow for careful consideration of legislation. The Constitution...