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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing counterintelligence as defined in executive order 12333 as amended is information

Instructions and Help about counterintelligence as defined in executive order 12333 as amended is information

Oh 702 requires a warrant already for the actual collection alright and it's it's a generalized warrant it's not a specific right we go through the court to review the bidding all right 702 is a reflection of the telecommunications reality that there are a whole bunch of communication we talk about digital communications right 702 allows the NSA to force Google and Facebook and other companies to prinformation of other costs about specific accounts right sure right and and in the upstream portion of it action allows NSA to collect it right like true electronic surveillance so you've got so let's me can get it at rest you can get it at motion both authorized by revision of the FISA Act section 702 are the rules too broad though do they allow the FBI or other agencies don't accident so so NSA's allowed to either collect or ask passive or active endpoint or in transit on legitimate intelligence targets that they have reason to believe are not us persons and are outside the United States that's vanilla that's what NSA does all the time all right and then then it collects all that stuff that's good sure it is based on the reality that not all the emails in America are of America but not all the emails transiting America are of Americans and we take advantage of what our realities with regard to global comms pass now what you're asking is deserve your ok you're not challenging the collection right you are asking about what then happens after the collection and what happens now is that agencies beyond NSA are allowed to query listen to my words carefully because it really matters are allowed to query what is unarguably legitimately collected foreign intelligence this big stack of stuff to query that stack with what we call selectors that are of us persons right all right and that that is a no foolin legitimate issue that is a no flowing legitimate discussion that we should have the 702 program is one of those powerful collection programs keeping you safe in NSA history for God's sake don't throw the baby out with the bathwater sure but you but you I get it wouldn't you allow to query and what are the selectors can you use us identities I'm sorry it's a long answer methylamine no it's it's fine completers there is a prohibition in NSA against reverse targeting so for example this actually happened during my time there we got a very bad man we can't find he's living in the Middle East all right we know he calls his mom every Sunday I'm getting a little illustrative now on you're here right he calls his mom who lives in Jordan but who's a green card holder who's now a US person sure all right that Jordanian American green card holder living in Jordan is now protected by the Fourth Amendment that's a practical matter one way of.