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Project consent s Form: What You Should Know

The full language of this consent form is as follows: “I (Student or parent/guardian) (I/We) (The) understand that when participating in the research I will be asked questions about my health, physical, mental & emotional condition, and my decisions that  may affect myself or my family. I also understand that information collected from me (as described earlier in this consent) may  be used only for research purposes that are in accordance with the Institutional Review Board (IRB) Policy Statement for Research Involving Humans.” Sample Consent Form for Individual Researchers The full language of this consent form is as follows: “I (Student or parent/guardian) (I/We) (The) understand that researchers at Clayton State University will provide me (student) with  information about its current curriculum and activities under the direction of its Director at any time (during, before, or after) the research  I will be participating in; this information may include a list of course courses, a description of academic programs and activities (if any),  and academic advisors for each department. This information will be used solely for the purpose of determining my eligibility to participate in the  research being conducted at the university. “ Consent to participation in research: No information will be given to the student that, although not personally gathered,  can influence my personal views and decisions on an issue. I understand, for the purposes of this consent, that the research  involved will involve me (students) participating in a psychological research project. I will be given the opportunity to  opt out of participating in the research at any time. I understand that participants in my course and/or program research may be required to participate in  the research study(s). In addition, the faculty or staff researcher at my school is responsible for ensuring that  each participant's participation may meet academic and ethical standards. Any changes to  this consent form by the researcher will be in conjunction with discussions between students and an IRB,  if applicable. I (Student or parent/guardian) (I/We) (The) understand that I may have additional rights under the law (including  those not mentioned here) to be informed about my rights as a participant participating in research.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Project consent forms

Instructions and Help about Project consent forms

Hey parents, thanks for helping me out with my favorite project. The first thing you need to do is produce three sheets. This sheet is for you, and these two are for your kids. We don't have a printer, so just grab two pieces of paper. On one paper, mark numbers one through six and label it "Test 1." On the other paper, label it "Test 2." Test 1 should be done before using the handheld device, and Test 2 should be taken immediately after 30 minutes of handheld device use. Now, let me demonstrate how you should give the test. First, try Test 1 on yourself. Then, go ahead and try Test 2, Trial 1. Alright, don't get it? After that, take a picture using just one ant and send it to us too. And even when I look back at it, thank you.