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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing counterintelligence as defined in executive order 12333 as amended is information gathered

Instructions and Help about counterintelligence as defined in executive order 12333 as amended is information gathered

If secrets was just released in paperback it has a new after word dealing with issues in the intelligence community in the weeks leading up to September 11th mr. Bamford spoke recently about his book and the current debate over intelligence gathering and anti-terrorism efforts in the u.s. this event at the independent Institute in Oakland California is an hour in 20 minutes largely because of the work of James Bamford the public knows that the ultra secret National Security Agency the largest and most powerful of all espionage organizations the United States operates a global systems by satellites but few know of its roles in the Cold War the hunt for bin Laden and echelon the world wide net NSA spying system that monitors millions of innocent people no outsider knows more about the NSA than James Bamford who has been researching the issue for many years in fact his previous book puzzle palace was published before most members of Congress even knew about the NSA mr. Bamford is the author of body of secrets and puzzle palace as I mentioned he's been a Washington investigative reporter for ABC's World News Tonight he's written cover stories the New York Times Magazine the Washington Post magazine in the LA Times Magazine he's currently distinguished visiting faculty at the Goldman School of Public Policy at the University of California Berkeley I'm very pleased to introduced James Bamford thank you David I appreciate it in it's a real honor to speak before you today and follow such luminaries as gore Vidal and so forth so it's a real honor to be here today I appreciate it David mentioned that even some members of Congress didn't know about NSA when might when the puzzle palace came out in 1982 I had to do a book tour and I had to go on a one of the shows as a public broadcasting program the I can't remember the name of it right now but it was based in Dennis Dennis for Lee show I think he still has his show on TV and I was gonna go there to talk about the NSA and one of the other people that was gonna be on the show was gonna be Senator Bill Bradley from New Jersey so we got in the same car rode over to the studio he was going to talk about the economy and I was gonna talk about NSA so in the car he said what's your book about and I said it's about NSA the National Security Agency and he said what's that so I proceeded for the rest of the car ride explain what the largest intelligence agency was to the senator when we got on the on the show the first question the host asked was how secret is NSA I just couldn't resist it and I said even senator Bradley said he never heard of it say he took a separate car back to the hotel.