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Instructions and Help about counterintelligence as defined in executive order 12333 as amended is

I discussed this quite a bit okay so what does this look like right championing freedom advances our interests because the survival of liberty at home increasingly depends on the success of Liberty abroad if we have the desire to talk about domestic right if we want to talk about domestic liberty right Liberty within let's say for example the United States of America then the only way we can talk about domestic liberty is if we recognize that domestic liberty only comes as a consequence of successful global Liberty remember we're trying to get to a democratic world right the closer we get to a democratic world is the more is the safer any respective not just the United Sates of America but any respect of democracy will be so the point is for those democracies that are now in play that are now functioning that are already legitimate you know democracies globally there has to be global already right GL Rome was successful us but if we have if then conditional if we have a successful global Liberty if we have a progression towards a more democratic world then the domestic liberty of any given respective democracy will increase the point is there isn't there isn't a means in which any democracy in the world can sit on the sidelines in this discussion on the quote-unquote front against terror right the and I don't particularly like that phrase but that's all that there is right this this this idea that terrorism is in opposition to democracy is fundamentally based on the ideological fact that democracy is and attempt to liberate the individuals access I want you to have access right because that access will reap you know capital capital gains rate we'll be able to make more money that that that liberation will yield the ridiculous amounts of information exchange so people like me can do what I'm doing right now right that information exchange helps students that helps academics that helps researchers it helps create new ideas those ideas turn into new paradigms new ideologies new modes of of this horse right tyrants don't want that the time it doesn't want that access right they don't like that access not just in the United States they don't want it in any democratic nation so the point is if you are a member of democratic nation outside of the United States you are in as much danger if not more danger because you might not have the economic and military might that the United States have then the United States of America and the first thing that we recognize in our discourse right the first thing that we recognize in our discourse in my lecture on international war totally different video is that terrorist organizations organizations that are ideologically based on intimidation and fair they're going to go after the weakest link right they're predators right they're gonna and this is why i said i feel i.