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Everyone here today is united by the same goal to train recruit hire American workers thanks to our tremendous economic successes and we've had a lot of them and we've never had it I have to tell you as a country we have never been more successful that we are exactly right now today the numbers coming out are beyond what anyone ever thought possible we're in the longest positive job growth streak in American history african-american unemployment has reached its lowest level in American history Hispanic unemployment is at its lowest level in American history Asian unemployment has reached its lowest level in American history women's unemployment oh this is too bad Maryland this is very sad has reached its lowest level in only 65 years but within about two weeks I think we'll be able to say in American history because it's moving quickly okay 65 years not so bad right we're asking businesses and organizations across the country to sign our new pledge to America's workers today 23 companies and associations are pledging to expand apprenticeships that's an interesting word for me to be saying right The Apprentice I never actually put that together until just now that was a good experience I will tell you that by signing the pledge to America's workers these great companies and they are great these are the greatest in the world are affirming their commitment to train American workers for American jobs because America's strength America's heart and America's soul is found in our people more than anything else it's in our people found in our people more than anything else it's in our people I'm gonna sign the Executive Order Applause Applause.