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Instructions and Help about executive order 13470

Backlash against President Donald Trump's executive order reached his front yard Sunday the assorted signs and very chance with one message the actions that the Trump administration are making I not the values of America and while protesters shut down a major street to make their way to the Capitol supporters at nearby Dulles International Airport welcome to an American citizens returning I start so happy I fight so proud of it that I am still welcome over here there are the people who are supporting me attorneys and immigration advocates race to airports to help legal immigrants left in limbo as the executive order came down this is our way of showing the world and even showing Isis now Peter know we love Muslims we welcome them we're going to support that the spontaneous seams of airport protests happened across the country as officials sorted out court orders stain the president's executive order in Los Angeles lawyers remained at the airport to wait for the release of the detained we're here to demand the rule of law to demand compliance and protesters said the new president had gone too far Trump doesn't have a mandate he cannot issue executive order after executive order five packs in Congress are fighting off away signing away people's rights but for many Trump supporters the order is crucial to national security people are stupid and ignorant they forgot what happened that got September 11 2021 it was attack on our democracy I should never be permitted it was a feeling echoed by counter demonstrators at New York's Battery Park do they understand she can't have the country without borders all right I'm here to represent the rest of America the America they don't want to Donald Trump well these protests will do just the first battle in a long fight ahead over the legality of the order this second generation you many said he wants the White House to look far into the future they don't know what's gonna happen in six months or a year it's gonna affect a lot of people and people are gonna be very angry with the United States knowing the world is watching these protesters hope their actions speak to some of that anger Catherine jibsen in Washington VOA news.