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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing irs fingerprint card

Instructions and Help about irs fingerprint card

This video explains how easy it is to roll your own fingerprints you received your package from fast fingerprints next you will empty the contents there should be two FD 258 fingerprint cards instructions to ink strips and a pen you may wish to practice each finger to know how each one will roll see back of card for an example of a rolled fingerprint when you are ready please place the cards in front of you and fill out the top next you will take one of the ink strips and peel off the top layer of the strip to expose the ink please be careful not to get any under clothes let's start with your right hand please place the ink strip on the right side of the card when rolling your fingerprints be sure to get a full roll from one side of the finger to the other on the inking strip it will help to work from the top of the card to the bottom finish each roll before continuing to the next box on the card starting with your right thumb roll from nail bed to nail bed continue to roll each finger one after the other in the correctly labelled box for example our index is your right index finger you will continue the second row with your left hand follow the same instructions in the previous steps you will ink the fingers once again to do the last row place your left four fingers flat and at a slight angle on the card where it says left four fingers taken simultaneously place your left thumb flat and straight on the card where it says L thumb place your right thumb flat and straight on the card where it says our thumb place your right four fingers flat and at a slight angle on the card where it says right four fingers taken simultaneously wash your hands with soap and water to clean off the ink thank you for choosing fast finger prints if you have any questions please call fast finger prints toll-free eight seven seven nine three two two four three five.