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Approach so again our nation faces plus from both natural and man-made sources we will taking All Hazards approach to emergency management the management of an emergency that allows us to respond effectively to all emergencies whether caused by acts of nature or by enemies right what we recognize is if we look at the relationship between policies goals in the overarching strategy if we recognize that the strategy is a proactive attempt to mitigate the level or prevent or inhibit the level level of terrorist threat and we recognize that the government is itself taking a very holistic approach to the strategic approach the strategic development of policies and goals with respect to securing the nation's borders we really have a very global very broad macro sense of just how large this strategic plan is what I wanted to do is I'm what I had to do in preparing for the lecture is I had to locate on the specific strategy and I was able to find the street of specific strategy again by using alper ins text the text directed me to the various acts and laws the various codes which would be otherwise impossible to navigate and in researching for that I was able to locate specifically what our strategies are the beautiful thing about the analysis reason why I'm happy to make my contribution to the field is that some of the policies some of the acts as we've seen have just recently within less than a month on a summit within a few days have been enacted in sign we'll see later on when we talk about preparedness that preparedness hasn't even itself yet been solidified we're in the process now in talking about a culture of preparedness that's primarily what the segment of the lecture is about right letting us know the civilians know that listen there's an overarching national strategy that we're going to take their policies that we're going to enact to supplement and buttress this strategy but the strategy also civilian participation and my role as an educator is to let you know what you can do to involve yourself in understanding the fortune that we have asked civilians in this overarching na strategic development okay so what I would like to do is discuss specifically now a bit of detail the five strategic goals for the Department of Homeland Security so the Department of Homeland Security has five strategic goals I'm going to talk about each of the five strategic goals that are set by the Department of Homeland Security I'm going to give you the necessary requisite acts and laws that have been executive orders and such that have been enacted to support these goals and then also what we can do is civilians to contribute to the larger strategic development of securing the united states of america the first so first under the title five strategic goals US Department of Homeland Security and the first of these.