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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing fingerprint consent form for science fair project

Instructions and Help about fingerprint consent form for science fair project

Have you ever seen a detective on a crime TV show use DNA analysis to link a culprit to a crime this technology is based on gel electrophoresis which uses electricity to separate macromolecules based on time today we'll show you how to make and use your own gel electrophoresis apparatus here's all you need to make our gel will need a small rectangular plastic box will also need a gross powder combined with water measured in a graduated cylinder instead of DNA our samples be put in the gel will be food coloring make sure to have at least two primary colors and a secondary color like green orange or purple to be separated with electricity our power source for this electric Croesus will be 5 9-volt batteries the power will be added to the rectangular box in the form of 2 electrodes placed at either ends of the rectangle made out of stainless steel wire we'll also need an alligator clips with leads to connect our batteries to the electrodes and finally we'll need some baking soda to be mixed with water and a buffer solution to run our job add 200 milliliters of bottled water measured using a graduated cylinder then add 2 grams or about 1/2 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate or baking soda mix everything together and you're ready to go combine 100 milliliters of your buffer solution with about 1/4 TSP of agarose powder from microwave carefully pour the hot agarose solution into a container with your three well comb placed about one centimeter from the end now that the gel has had time to set for about an hour and a half remove the comb using a butter knife cut a space at each end and make room for the electrodes insert the electrodes with the leads coming out on the same sides that you can easily attach the power source now pour in the buffer solution which is made of sodium bicarbonate and water pour in just enough to cover the gel carefully add a few drops of food coloring to each well making sure to place the nozzle below the surface of the buffer solution first we'll add some green then red then blue food dye don't worry if the food dye starts to mix in the buffer solution so long as the drops go into the wells everything should work just fine over the next 45 minutes the electric current travelling through the gel will help us separate the dyes into their constituent macro molecular components because the macromolecules are different sizes they travel at different speeds resulting in visible separation into various colors so how does all of this relate to DNA and you can see here in our gel different colored food dive separated into different colors after the gel electrophoresis was run the same process will happen with DNA different DNA samples will look different at the end of a gel electrophoresis this is because a DNA.